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Client Details

Client's Email Address: Elijahbuthelezi@gmail.com
Client's Telephone Number: 0784632880
Where did the client hear about us?: Search engine
I agree to Lifetime's Privacy Policy: 1
I agree to receive occasional marketing from Lifetime: 1

Personal (step 1)

What are your questions or concerns about your financial future?
Do you have any dreams for the future which you might need to plan for?:
What is your first name?: Elijay
What is your surname?: Buthelezi
What is your date of birth?: 16/05/1992
Do you have a partner?: no
Do you have any financial dependants?: no

Assets & Liabilities (step 2)

Do you have any savings or investments?: no
Do you have a partner?: no
At what age would you like to retire?: 60
Do you have any pensions savings other than your current employer scheme?: no
Do you own your own home?: no
Do you have any other mortgages?: no
Do you have any loans, including credit cards or car finance?: no
Do you have any protection policies other than the provision provided by your employer (if applicable)?: no

Income (step 3)

Which of the following do you have?: none
Do you have a partner?: no
Do you have any other sources of income?: no

Expenditure (step 4)

Do you have a partner?: no

Fact Find Steps

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